Responsible Practices

In line with Ardo’s commitment to safeguarding our customers identification, personal information, and financial data, we have implemented significant enhancements to our service delivery model. Our customers are integral partners in our mission to uphold the well-being of the broader community. We place great importance on transparency and accountability, and we encourage our customers to actively engage in this shared responsibility. We kindly request our customers to keep their information up-to-date and to willingly provide relevant details when requested, as this collaborative effort helps us maintain the highest standards of security and service quality.

Responsible Service of Alcohol

Ardo and our staff are committed to providing a safe and secure entertainment environment for both customers and the community at large. The Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) is an integral part of this commitment. We implement the following harm minimisation practices to reduce the potential risk of alcohol abuse and misuse.

  • Complimentary water is available at all times.
  • An extensive offering of non-alcoholic beverages, including tea and coffee, are available to customers.
  • The number of drinks purchased at any one time will be monitored and limited at management discretion.
  • Staff will monitor for and manage against stockpiling of drinks.
  • General RSA principles
  • Alcohol service is provided in accordance with the approved Risk Assessed Management Plan (RAMP). You may ask our friendly staff to view a copy.

Training regarding individual and company responsibilities, in relation to the service of alcohol, is provided to relevant staff members. Drink Responsibly.

Privacy Policy

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